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Protecting Dental Workers in the Pandemic - Reduce Risk Through Mouthwash

If you're considering how to best protect your dental office from the COVID-19 pandemic, learn more about the best oxidizing mouthwash on the market.

Businesses are slowly beginning to open their doors as countries around the world begin to lessen their restrictions and open economies that were hurt due to the devastating COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, dental offices are not in the clear quite yet.

Since the virus has been found to live in saliva, dentistry workers are at a heightened risk working in the mouths of patients. Due to this, dental offices are looking into more effective PPE options to protect themselves and their patients.

360 HOCL is an oxidizing mouthwash that can be used pre-treatment to reduce the risk of infection for dentists and dental assistants while working with aerosols.
The Science Behind 360 HOCL
The active ingredient of Hypochlorous acid (HOCI), is a part of a group of small molecules that are collectively known as reactive oxygen species (ROS). This is the same chemical that’s produced by our own natural immune defense system which fights infections by killing bacteria and viruses.

360 HOCL can be used as intraoral mouthwash that destroys oral microbes killing 99.9999% of harmful organisms in all steps of treatment. Its formula helps to minimize the increased risk of contracting COVID-19 that is caused by aerosol-generating procedures.
Dentist Tried and Tested
Dentists around the world praise 360 HOL for its effectiveness when compared to other brands of mouthwash. With its powerful recipe, this product efficiently removes all debris from the patient’s mouth when beginning a procedure.

Many brands of mouthwash have acrid tastes or odors making an even more uncomfortable experience for the patient. Meanwhile, 360 HOCL boasts a formula that is not only effective but also has a much more pleasant taste than some of the alternative products on the market (for example OraWize)

This product is also appreciated by dentists for its ease of introduction. Without the use of highly toxic chemicals, staff training is much easier when introducing 360 HOCL to the office.
Focusing on Patient Safety

As a dentist, the most important part of their job is protecting the safety of your patients. 360 HOCL dental mouthwash was created with your patients in mind. The use of Hypochlorous as the active ingredient makes this product completely safe for the human body since this biocide is naturally found in the body's immune defense system.

Being a non-toxic formula, 360 HOCL is a safe PPE choice for both your patients and your staff. This makes it completely unharmful in the case that it comes into contact with skin, eyes, or is ingested.

With no long term health risks associated with 360 HOCL, this mouthwash will not only protect your patients but also your business from litigious claims or lawsuits.
Protect Your Dental Staff Through the Pandemic
Due to all the fear that the COVID-19 pandemic has caused, there are many important steps you should take to protect your patients and staff in your dental office.

Include 360 HOCL as part of your PPE system to reduce the risk of contracting the infection through aerosol procedures and guard the health and safety of everyone on your team.

Check out 360 HOCL today with 360Dental, here for all your dental office needs throughout the pandemic and beyond.