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The Best Dental Practice Disinfectant for Maintaining Staff Safety

Cleansing surfaces in your dental office is now more important than ever. Here’s a review of one of the strongest and safest disinfectants available!

After the devastating aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, which unfortunately many predict is not finished still, health clinics and dental offices around the world are stepping up their cleaning game. Not even avoiding human contact was considered enough after it was discovered that the COVID-19 virus can live for up to three to four hours on hard surfaces.

While PPEs and top-notch disinfectant systems are nothing new to the health-care world, these past few months have only enforced the importance of disinfectants even more.

When you are looking for a strong yet safe disinfectant to protect your dental staff and patients, there’s no better choice than 360 HOCL. A power multi-surface disinfectant, 360 HOCL will help maintain your office to the highest level of clean.
Dental Worker Approved
360 HOCL is recommended across the dentistry world for its strong and effective solution to keeping surfaces clean. With this product there is no pre-mixing required, saving you and your team from unnecessary prep work.

This all-in-one disinfectant is fast-acting, killing germs on surfaces within one minute of contact. This makes this formula one of the fastest disinfectants in the game! When you’re needing to keep counters and tools clean in between busy schedules of patients, this quickness is highly appreciated.
Non-Toxic Formula for the Utmost Safety
360 HOCL is a non-toxic disinfectant that has been formally approved for use in offices by the European Chemical Agency (ECHA). So not only is this product powerful but it is also safe for workers and patients alike.

The active ingredient in 360 HOCL is Hypochlorous acid (HOCI), a biocide that is found naturally in the human body. Hypochlorous acid is produced by the human immune system to defend the body from harmful bacteria and fight against infections.
The process of stabilizing HOCI produces a multipurpose antimicrobial disinfectant that is not only powerful but also nonharmful to skin.
Be Prepared for Anything
One thing that COVID-19 has taught us is we must be prepared for the unexpected. 360 HOCL has proven to be effective against 'enveloped' viruses such as Hepatitis B & C & Coronaviruses. It also reduces cross-infection risks from viruses like Norovirus and Parvovirus that are harder to kill and require more powerful substances.

While some disinfectants claim to clean surfaces, 360 HOCL actually removes established biofilm with only one single treatment. Since biofilm poses such a significant risk for virus transmission, this formula’s characteristic is reassuring to dental workers for its effectiveness in eliminating that danger.

When you choose to work with 360 HOCL in your dental office, you are making a stand against any harm that may come your way, whether you’re expecting it or not.
A PPE That You Can Stand By
360 HOCL is a strong disinfectant that’s not only powerful against contamination but also just as safe for use with its non-toxic, biocompatible formula.

Learn more about 360 HOCL and its benefits by visiting us at 360 Dental. We’re here for all your dental retail needs and guarantee a high quality and positive online shopping experience all around!