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Endo Files

Neolix SAS is a French startup company that designs, manufactures and markets dental instruments all around the World, under the Neoniti brand name, a complete and innovative range of nickel-titanium rotary files for root canal treatment.

The unique wire-Electric Discharge Machining (wire-EDM) patented process allows to manufacture a new rotary file combining an exceptional flexibility together with a hardened and abrasive surface, and variable changing profiles of virtually unlimited possibilities. These features taken together bring several advantages, such as a high resistance to cyclic fatigue hence to fracture, anti-screwing effect, possible file pre-curving to negotiate a difficult access or a ledge, high cutting efficiency, respect of the canal natural anatomy (no transportation, no ledging),… Thanks to its worldwide unique combination of mechanical and physical properties, Neoniti file is suitable for endodontic treatment or retreatment, for easy or difficult root canals (thin, curved, calcified) performed in continuous rotation with one single shaping file in most cases. Neoniti is Safe, Simple & Smart and provides users with a new feeling in Endodontics.

Beyond the significant advantages of Neolix process and products, we are proud to highlight the environment friendly feature of our process, which is carried out in a closed-circuit pure water system, free of oil and organic solvents, to preserve environment and operators

In short, thanks to the worldwide unique process, Neoniti files offer many advantages, unmatched by the competitive files, all manufactured by conventional grinding.


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