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Border-lock Edentulous Mouldable Trays


Clan is happy to launch the mouldable Border-Lock® disposable tray. The shape of the Border-Lock®...

Octo+ Alginate



Offering chromatic alginate to indicate the various stages of the impression, combined with 8 days...

Futar Bite Regisitration



When choosing a bite registration material, would you rather opt for high final hardness and...

Visalys CemCore Starter Pack



Dual Curing, adhesive cementation and core build-up composite 2.5ml automix syringe, 2ml tooth primer, 2ml...
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OPTIM® Blue cleaning disinfectant wipes.


With a fast broad-spectrum contact time OPTIM Blue is one of the most effective cleaner...

Visalys CemCore Normal Pack



5 ml automix syringe, blue mixing tips (blunt / tapered, 10 units each), 6 intraoral...

Sympress Mixing Dispenser


Electrical dispensing and mixing system for automatic mixing of impression materials in the Kettenbach Plug...

Panasil Putty (hand mix) - A Silicone


Panasil® Putty is a classic kneadable precision impression material available in a tub. Thanks to...

Panasil lab putty


Panasil® lab Putty is a kneadable, addition-curing overcast material based on vinyl polysiloxane with a...

Panasil Initial Contact Light (wash) - A Silicone



Panasil® initial contact is a low-viscosity impression material based on A silicone with a particularly...

Octo+ Putty - Fast Set


Octo+ Putty is a premium fast setting tray material, which is compatible with all silicone...

Identium Light (wash) - A Silicone / Polyether Blend



Identium® Light is a low-viscosity precision impression material made of Vinylsiloxanether® that produces incredibly detailed...