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Border-lock Autoclavable Dentulous Trays


Both the autoclavable Border-Lock® dentulous trays and edentulous trays are introduced per September 2003. The...

Mouth Kote Remint


Mouth Kote Dry Mouth Spray with Yerba Santa The new Mouth Kote Remint formulation provides...

Transform Heat Mouldable Impression Trays


Heat mouldable, single use strong impression tray Facilitates impressions where unusual soft tissue, bone shape...

Panasil Tray - Heavy Body Fast - A Silicone


Panasil® tray is a high-viscosity, stiff Heavy body based on A silicone for precision impressions...

Identium Heavy Fast - A Silicone / Polyether Blend



Identium® Heavy is a high-viscosity precision impression material made of Vinylsiloxanether® that delivers particularly good...

Visalys Core - Core Build Up


Visalys® Core is a dual-curing, radiopaque, fluoride-containing material for core build-up and cementing root posts...

Sympress Mixing Dispenser


Free Sympress Dispenser - Spend £995 (plus vat) on Kettenbach impression materials and the machine is...

Panasil lab putty


Panasil® lab Putty is a kneadable, addition-curing overcast material based on vinyl polysiloxane with a...

Octo+ Putty - Fast Set


Octo+ Putty is a premium fast setting tray material, which is compatible with all silicone...

Neoniti GPS - Pathfinder


Length - 21mm, 25mm & 31mm NEONITI GPS is a pathfinder to realize the glide...

Mucopren - Soft Reline Material


Mucopren® Soft for relining. Strong adhesion guaranteed! Monopren® Soft is a soft relining material based...

Visalys Restorative Primer



4ml bottle